Strategy & Leadership

Volker Ballueder held leadership roles at the world’s largest advertising agencies and has advised leading technology platforms. This includes operations rollouts for leading brands, and developing acquisition strategies for others. His experience of managing large global teams and 10m+ revenue streams has provided him with a unique set of experiences that his clients are able to leverage.

Volker works predominately with companies as a sales, strategy and leadership consultant.

Furthermore, he has focused on personal development for over 20 years. That experience is shared through his leadership development training and career and leadership coaching.

Volker is also the author of a best-selling leadership book Principles for Success; the content of the book originated from the conversations he had on his podcast.

Sales, Strategy and Leadership Consulting

Ballueder Partners Consulting Services focuses on interim Sales and CRO  roles, and strategic advice on business strategy. Volker has extensive experience working with start- and scale-ups across Europe.

You are putting your organisation in the hands of a consultant with actual executive experience. Volker held commercial and operational leadership roles, managed teams of up to 60 and revenues in excess of 10m within the technology sector. 

He has grown pan European businesses, turned around ailing businesses and, as a native German, covers the two biggest economies in Europe; Volker supports positioning and strategic market development,  helps with fund raising, and business model generations.

Volker is open to join businesses as an investor, or on an advisory and NED basis.

Career and Leadership Coaching

As a career and leadership coach, Volker is able to draw on his extensive international knowledge of over 15 years working with C-Levels and senior management teams. He has also held several senior managerial positions in Business Strategy, Operations, Business Development and Marketing & Sales.

He coaches his clients on a variety of topics from personal positioning to leadership development, focusing on getting unstuck, developing their full potential as a person to help them and their business grow exponentially.

Developing Leadership

When developing leadership, Volker focuses on a mix of topics and techniques to deliver those that go beyond coaching.

His extensive research on leadership theories, mindfulness and coaching, combined with hands-on experience leading big international teams, gives him a unique perspective. 

The best leaders are the ones that focus on their inside awareness, are outside focused, connect well with others, and lead from the front. Understanding the leadership theory is one thing, using the tools is another.

The best results for his training courses are obtained by having an accompanied coaching programme, to put the theory into practice with 1-2-1 sessions.  

Reducing Stress and Building Resilience

Brochure Mindfulness
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Our Leadership and Mindfulness in the Workplace courses help employees to develop skills to combat stress and improve resilience. 

Mindfulness is about paying attention to thoughts, feelings and body sensations to become directly aware of them, and therefore being better able to manage them. 

This helps to transform leadership and effectiveness in organisations, building a successful business culture!

Case Studies

Success and Leadership Podcast

In January 2018, Volker launched his podcast: 

Stories of Success

The podcast is a listening experience for your personal development. 

Volker regularly interviews high achievers, entrepreneurs, consultants, visionaries, coaches, and mentors about their secrets and experience of success and leadership.

Book recommendations from my guests can be found on this site.
Guest requests can be made via email.

Principles for Success

Based on research and conversations from his podcast, Volker Ballueder wrote a best-selling leadership book Principles for Success.

Volker distilled 18 success and leadership principles which address a wide range of topics including success habits and mindsets of leaders, as well as mindfulness and diversity. 

Does money equal success?
Is success down to serendipity?

The book offers a guide to readers who want to achieve their own success in life.



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For the past 15+ years Volker writes regular columns on his personal blog; besides spending time with his family, his hobbies include running marathons, volunteering and playing chess.

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