Consulting References

We hired Volker of Ballueder Partners to help us grow our relationship with a key partner that we had lost traction with over the course of the previous year. Not only did he manage to do that, but he assisted us in helping to map out the entire org and drive additional relationships through their release of new products which ultimately lead to extra revenue streams for the business. 

I would have no qualms in hiring Volker again and hope to stay in touch in the future. 

Simon Theakston, Managing Partner, Global, SilverBullet 

We hired Volker to put a team together in the German market. Not only did he deliver on the promise, the team he hired subsequently overachieved targets. As much as he is hands on, knows what to do, he is an excellent team builder and coach. I have no hesitation to hire him again to build successful teams and coach them to success.

Paul Thompson, CRO Blis Media

I hired Volker as a strategic advisor. His input regarding product and marketing proved invaluable to the company and helped us massively to attract the right attention in the industry. I would happily hire him again for any role involving product positioning and goto market strategy.

Nick Ellis, CEO and Founder, Videoagnostic

Coaching References

I have worked with Volker for almost 10 years. He has been a trusted advisor in several capacities for me. First, when I started in ad tech and media he mentored me through my master’s thesis into my first years on the job. As a first-time entrepreneur, I could always count on Volker confronting me with uncomfortable truths about myself. Questioning our approach, holding me accountable. Being there in good times and especially the bad ones when I learned about being lonely as a leader. He is what I would call an ‘honest coach’. Someone who you can trust to drive you forward. Volker’s advice has been invaluable to me over the past few years and I will continue to work with him.

Jost L., Founder and CRO

I worked with Volker to identify my strengths via strength coaching and profiling. He helped me extensively to identify strengths to work on and weaknesses to ignore. The outcome was fantastic and on the back of that I worked more towards my strengths and achieved more of my goals moving forward. I have no hesitation to recommend Volker as a coach and mentor.

Ajay D., Consultant and Founder, Digital Industry, London 2019

Volker coached me effectively to find a new career path. His excellent knowledge about human nature and his people skills, asking the right questions, helped me to explore and succeed. I would always recommend him as a personal development and career coach.

Marco G., Senior Manager, Consulting

Mindfulness References

Ballueder Partners’ Mindfulness in the Workplace course made me consider my own mindfulness practise and helped me to evaluate priorities at work, fostering a better work life balance and better productivity. I would happily recommend their courses.

Alex Rosen, CTO, Platform360

Ballueder Partner’s Mindfulness at Work course was extremely popular and well received. It improved the awareness of mental health and looking out for each other at work and it definitely helped to strengthen the overall company culture.

Darren Poynton, CFO, Silverbullet

I saw immediately that any effort to practice mindfulness had an instant positive effect. Over time, I believe it may change one’s daily approach to all things that is life. Thank you Volker for introducing this practice to me.

Donna Rosenberg Strydom, Associate Director, Jameson Legal

The mindfulness at work course was great. Very insightful, practical and the exercises simple to incorporate into my day to day life. I appreciate mindfulness is a journey and I am very pleased to have now started this and to have had the input and guidance at the outset. The techniques and exercises we learnt over the last 6 weeks will stick with me for a lifetime.

Jennifer Pike, Senior Consultant, Jameson Legal

I am very pleased with the outcome of the course. Not only did we learn how to be more mindful, but Volker’s experience helped us to view the world from a different perspective, particularly during the lockdown due to Covid19. It boosted our team’s motivation and morale massively, and lead to stress reduction.

I highly recommend any company to add mindfulness to their choice of trainings for members of staff.

Jeremy Small, CEO, Jameson Legal


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