Volker Ballueder is the founder of Ballueder Partners. He held leadership roles at the world’s largest advertising agencies and has advised leading technology platforms. This includes operations rollouts for leading brands, and developing acquisition strategies for others. His experience of managing large global teams and 10m+ revenue streams has provided him with a unique set of experiences that his clients are able to leverage.
Volker Ballueder

For the majority of the time, Volker works with companies as a sales, strategy and leadership consultant

On the other hand, he has focused on personal development for over 20 years. That experience is shared through his leadership developent training and career and leadership coaching, as well as mindfulness based stress reduction and resilience training.

Volker is also the author of a best-selling leadership book Principles for Success; the content of the book originated from the conversations he had on his podcast about leadership, success and personal development.

For the past 15+ years Volker writes regular columns on his personal blog; besides spending time with his family, his hobbies include running marathons, volunteering and playing chess.

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