Volker Ballueder wrote his best-selling book “Principles for Success” on the back of the conversations he had on his podcast.

On his podcast he interviews industry leaders, high achievers, entrepreneurs, consultants, visionaries, coaches, and mentors about their achievements. 

From those conversations, Volker distilled 18 success principles which address whether money equals success or if it is down to serendipity; he discusses success being a journey, teamwork, teams’ contribution to success, as well as trust and work life balance. The book also covers success habits and mindsets, as well as mindfulness and diversity. A wide range of topics that will guide the reader to achieve success in their life.


  • Understand you or your business’ WHY
  • Money and Success
  • Success is a journey
  • Serendipity and Success
  • Success and Making a difference
  • Emotional Intelligence and Success
  • Growth Mindset, Failure and Success
  • Mentors and Success
  • Team and Teamwork
  • Trust (in) People
  • Diversity
  • Success and hard work and discipline
  • Success and Routines and Habits
  • Success is about Balance
  • Visualisation leads to Success
  • Mindfulness, Meditation and Success
  • Values and Success
  • Culture of a Business
  • Success and Authenticity
  • Conclusion: Success equals Happiness – is that true?

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