At Ballueder Partners we’re passionate about consulting technology start- and scale-ups and coach their revenue leaders to smash revenue targets and achieve sustainable growth.

We coach sales teams from tech and SaaS companies to improve sales conversion and reach their first £10m.

We create sales and marketing strategies to help tech and SaaS businesses overcome growth plateaus.

Experience of managing and coaching teams of up to 60 salespeople and £10m+ in revenue.

Someone you can trust to drive you forward.

You’ve secured your seed funding or series A, got your concept off the ground and made a few waves in your industry…

Now you need an experienced pair of hands to create an effective sales strategy, build a revenue team (sales, marketing and client success) that generates sustainable revenue and makes you an attractive prospect for further investment. Or you have this team in place already, and need someone to come in, evaluate the processes by carrying out an audit, and coach them to be better at their job: From improving revenue conversions to having the right mindset. This is where Ballueder Partners comes in.

With decades of sales experience and an enviable network of expertise we can help you truly disrupt your market and scale quickly and sustainably. You get the support of a consultancy that has wide ranging leadership, strategic marketing and commercial success, without the expense of a full-time employee.

If you already have a sales leader, check out our sales coaching offer. Ballueder Partners coaches individuals and teams, from SDR to CRO level, holding revenue contributors and leaders accountable for their success.

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High performance sales consultancy

Formed by Volker Ballueder, Ballueder Partners has a proven track record of creating high-performing sales strategies and putting together a team to carry it out.

Whether you need to refine your positioning, your GTM strategy, increase your revenue or prepare for exit, Ballueder Partners can help you reach the right customers and investors. We work with you in a tactical or strategic way, depending on your needs.

Through sales coaching, win rates can be improved by as much as 28% according to research by Brainshark

So why are we so effective?

We know your company is unique.  While understanding your market, competitors and identifying opportunities is important, we know that company ethos and having the right people, sales structure and processes in place is integral to sustainable growth. That includes the right sales mindset.

As well as focussing on ambitious revenue goals we also place a huge emphasis on creating a strategy, sales process, and coaching the team’s mindset and behaviour in line with your culture, building a repeatable sales process. We know that mindset and morale is a critical factor in keeping sales teams motivated and generating revenue over the long term.

That’s where our particular approach comes in. Combining strategic outlook with tactical actions is what makes us unique. We join as fractional Sales Leader; as you grow the team, we support through sales coaching and workshops for your commercial team; we mentor and coach start-up founders on sales and general company positioning. It’s the combination of hands-on involvement, strategic vision and delivering the support needed that makes the difference.

Volker Ballueder

Having worked in sales for 20 years Volker has experienced all aspects of sales – from hitting the phones in his early days to holding CRO roles.

During this time, he has built and managed sales teams of all sizes and developed winning strategies for a variety of tech and SaaS firms. As a fluent bilinguist in German and English he is one of Europe’s leading sales consultants and has built GTM strategies for a wide range of firms entering the UK and European markets.

From holding leadership and operations roles at the world’s largest advertising agencies, to advising ground-breaking technology and AI platforms, Volker’s wide-ranging experience makes him a valuable asset to innovative tech, AI and SaaS firms.

One size never fits all

With a background in engineering Volker takes a bespoke, analytical approach to every project he works on. By drilling down into your market, fully understanding the customer journey, Ballueder Partners will create and build a sales process that works for YOUR company.

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The Tim Ferris of Europe

Achieve clarity and optimal business and personal performance

As well as advising tech firms on business, marketing and sales strategy, Volker also has a keen interest in self-development – which is why his personal mantra is to always “Be Better”. This has led him to write a best-selling book “Principles of Success”, based on his highly successful podcast “Stories of Success.”

Following almost 100 interviews with CXOs, high achievers, entrepreneurs, innovators and visionaries from a range of industries, listeners have dubbed Volker “The Tim Ferris of Europe” which isn’t a surprise. Throughout his career Volker has strived to adapt processes and systems that help him and others achieve optimal efficiency.

He has helped founders, leaders and boards achieve clarity and optimal performance when difficult decisions need to be made. An MBA combined with extensive knowledge of leadership theories, coaching, mindfulness and psychotherapy, combined with hands-on experience leading large international teams, makes him a valuable asset to any company. This has been demonstrated in his many advisory and investor roles across the tech industry. In 2024, Volker founded Obnatus, a brand solely focusing on personal coaching and leadership development.

Don’t take our word for it

“We hired Volker of Ballueder Partners to help us grow our relationship with a key partner that we had lost traction with over the course of the previous year. Not only did he manage to do that, but he assisted us in helping to map out the entire org and drive additional relationships through their release of new products which ultimately lead to extra revenue streams for business.”

Simon Theakston, Managing Partner, Global, SilverBullet

“We hired Volker to put a team together in the German market. Not only did he deliver on the promise, the team he hired subsequently overachieved targets. As much as he is hands on, he knows what to do, he is an excellent team builder and coach. I have no hesitation to hire him again to build successful teams and coach them to success.”

Paul Thompson, CRO, Blis Media

“I hired Volker as a strategic advisor. His input regarding product and marketing proved invaluable to the company and helped us massively attract the right attention in the industry. I would happily hire him again for any role involving product positioning and go to market strategy.”

Nick Ellis, CEO and Founder, Videoagnostic

“I have worked with Volker for almost 10 years. He has been a trusted advisor for several capacities for me. As a first-time entrepreneur, I could always count on him confronting me with uncomfortable truths about myself. Questioning our approach, holding me accountable. Being there in good times and especially the bad ones. Someone you can trust to drive you forward. Volker’s advice has been invaluable to me over the past few years and I will continue to work with him.”

Jost L Founder and CEO

“Volker was always a great coach and mentor when working with him during the challenging times at RocketFuel. I highly recommend him as a sales coach.”

Tim Offermann, Head of Sales, Germany

“Volker’s input in coaching me and my colleagues has been invaluable. From initial training, to being an ongoing sounding board, helping us with key decisions in setting up a sales machine, reviewing our progress”

Kieran Innes, Founder and CEO Stribe

“Volker is amazing, a great resource of knowledge and also a great communicator. I got a lot of technical guidance on what I should be doing (structuring my day) with concrete facts.”

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